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Well, here’s my first book-talk.  I chose to promote L.M. Montgomery’s classic finale to the Anne series, Rilla of Ingleside.  I had a tough time deciding what book to use.  I finally chose Rilla because it meant so much to me growing up – and still does.  I found it very difficult trying to figure out what tone to use.  It’s an older book, romantic, funny in an old-fashioned way, very serious in parts.  I decided to do an audio book-talk instead of a video book-talk.  I thought it might be more powerful to leave the visuals up to the listener’s imagination.  I worry that it’s a bit too slow and, err, “un-hip” to catch teens’ interest.  Despite it’s age, I do believe Rilla will appeal to readers…maybe not universally, but there are those out there who, like me, will fall in love with Ingleside, PEI, Rilla, Walter Blythe, Ken Ford, and (of course!) Little Dog Monday.

Suggestions, comments, questions, etc., are always welcome!

** In all the excitement caused by getting my booktalk finished, I forgot to credit the music!  The song I used is from The Pianist soundtrack, track one:  “Nocturne in C-sharp Minor (1830)”, Composed by Fryderyk Chopin, performed by Janusz Olejnieczak. **


The Classics

I just want to thank everyone for a great discussion Tuesday night!  I really enjoyed researching, preparing and presenting my seminar – there are so many interesting things to think about in terms of teen lit and “the classics”.

Although they’re already on the course blog, I decided to post my references and resources here as well.  The book I couldn’t remember the name of that has to do with connecting YA Lit with The Classics is Sara K. Herz’ From Hinton to Hamlet.  🙂

Oh….and some of you may enjoy reading this wonderful essay about everyone’s favourite character from the most emotionally impactful piece of classic literature I know I’ve ever read!! (sarcasm? what sarcasm??):

“Is Heathcliff a Vampire?” by T.L. Stone

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