Being a public librarian

So… I’ve had my librarian position at the public library for about four months now, and I bet you’re all wondering how I’m making out! (hello?  echo!  ECHOooo!!)  Very very well, thanks everyone!  I love it.  I really, absolutely, hundred percent LOVE it.  What a learning experience it has been, and still so far to go I’m sure… but I’ve enjoyed every step along the way.  Working as a public librarian is everything I wanted it to be.  (oh, listen to me gush!)  Some of the super fun and exciting things I get to do:

  • Lots of Reader’s Advisory, with people of all ages, with every interest.  i.e. a teenager looking for “slasher killer” fiction, along the lines of the Friday the 13th movies.  He was a tough cookie to crack.
  • Weeding and collection maintenance.  Not as simple as it seems.  There are some absolutely amazing juvenile and Y.A. books in non-fiction that, sadly, have low or zero circulation, probably just because of their location.  This is a problem, in my humble opinion, one that needs to be given serious attention.
  • Children’s programming.  I have my first solo act in 2 weeks!  I have been assigned Books & Babies in the fall, and (even more exciting) the Hallowe’en party for one of our branches.  I have so many ideas, not sure how I will be able to decide what to keep.
  • Circulation.  Yup, I get to do a bit of circ, being at the branches.  I actually really enjoy circ.  I like being up and busy at the desk, and scanning the books will always be a source of great joy (yeah, laugh if you must).

Do we have “problem patrons”.  Well yeah, of course.  But nothing totally unmanageable yet.  I enjoy a challenge, anyway.  Makes for a more interesting day.  (Am I sickening you yet, with my endless optimism?)  (How about my incessant use of brackets?)

So… public librarian is clearly a role I thoroughly enjoy playing.  I wish there were more full-time positions, like pretty much everyone these days.  Who knows what the future holds, though (oops, there I go again, dripping hope and sunshiney rainbows).  It’s very easy to get discouraged, so I try not to.  Seems like there are so many negative-nancy’s out there as far as the discussion regarding the “future of libraries” is concerned.  Well, I’m done with that.  Long live libraries!  (And long live librarians.)


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  1. Posted by Beth Hulan on August 25, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    Long live libraries … and incessant use of brackets!

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