Review: Perfect Snow

Another Blue Spruce nominee for today’s review.  The timing is perfect, considering the weather we are supposed to receive tonight!

Perfect Snow written and illustrated by Barbara Reid

What a great book!  Barbara Reid manages to capture our imaginations yet again with her gorgeous illustrations molded out of Plasticine.  In this book, she incorporates a number of ink and watercolour comic strips, which add an interesting second window through which to see the characters in action.  Perfect Snow begins with two boys, Scott and Jim, waking up to a perfect snowy morning.  We follow them throughout their day at school, getting caught up in their delight of having fresh snow in which to play and build.  Recess is an exciting whirlwind of snow balls, snow men, snow forts…even snow tornadoes!  The book conveys a wonderful message about creativity and cooperation, without turning readers away with a too-preachy tone.  The kids at school absolutely loved the illustrations.  They wanted to touch the pages to see if they felt like Plasticine!  Every page has something amazing to look at: the expressions on the characters’ faces, the shadows in the sky, the perfect texture of the snow.  The story prompted a number of them to want to try their hand at creating art using Plasticine.  The book also got them very excited about the potential snow day tomorrow.   🙂

Highly recommended!


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