A long overdue update…

Well, it certainly has been a while!  This blog is meant to serve as a public space in which I can post my ideas about my profession, about libraries and information centres, about books I’ve read, or movies I’ve viewed, or media I’ve experienced….about anything and everything to do with the field of library science.   Maybe I should be narrowing my focus?  We’ll see how things go.  I’d like to keep myself unrestricted right now.

So, what have I been up to for the past 12 months?  Last September I was hired as a Casual Library Technician with the Niagara Catholic District School Board.  I’ve been getting my feet wet, so to speak, working in school libraries, gaining some real – and much needed – experience.  I have worked as a part of a board-wide weeding team, pulling old books, many of which would make the girls at Awful Library Books cringe.  I completed long-term placements at two very different schools.  This involved such varied activities as reading to kids from Junior Kindergarten up to Grade 8, circulating materials, providing reader’s advisory and reference services to students and teachers, cataloguing materials, conducting a Scholastic Book Fair, restructuring a library after renovations, managing the OLA’s “Forest of Reading” program, and creating displays.  It has been a huge learning curve!  Every single day brought with it new, sometimes exhausting, challenges.  It is not easy providing library services to children – but it is extremely rewarding.  Some days I felt as though my brain would melt just trying to manage all of their varied needs.  Other days everything would run along so smoothly, or I would connect so well with the students, that I would leave work grinning like a kid myself.    Added to all of this was the sometimes difficult task of working as a member of a team of educational professionals.  Yup, I learned just as much this past year – if not more – about libraries and librarianship as I did during my 16 months at UWO.

As for my future….   I’ve been applying for professional librarian positions this summer.  Job searching is no easy task!  I had hoped to have something before the fall.  It all becomes very frustrating after a while, and I have to step back and take very deep breaths.  I will return to my position with the school board in September, and in the meantime continue my search for a permanent, full-time librarian position.  I have been proactive so far, volunteering where I can and keeping up contacts, but I think it is time to step it up a notch.  Overall, I feel very positive about my future.  I look forward to future opportunities to expand my understanding of the field through new volunteer and work experiences, conferences, and additional course work.


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