After a fantastic three weeks away from school, summer term has begun!  I’m still adjusting to my new schedule, and trying not to panic about the amount of work I have to wade through over the next ten weeks.  I have decided to keep this blog going, expanding its original focus on YA Materials to include all aspects of librarianship.  Here’s to hoping I find time to post regularly!

While researching information about libraries and Web2.0, I stumbled upon an interesting program created by the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.  The “Learning 2.0 Program” was designed to encourage library staff to learn about web2.0 technologies by completing a list of 23 Things.  I’m going to try to complete the 23 Things myself.  Although I’m familiar with a few of the “things” already, I will definitely benefit from more learning.  Besides, it sounds like a fun project to do on the side.

That’s it for this post.  I spent far too much time reading “A Prayer for Owen Meany” this morning.  If I don’t get back to work, I’ll have accomplished very little by the end of this rather gloomy day.  *sigh!*


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