We have a name!

You may have noticed that I’ve finally decided on a name for this blog.  “Better off Read” pretty much sums up my feelings toward any and all reading material.  Whether you agree with “it” or not, whether you love it or hate it, I believe we’re better for having read it.  Reading opens our minds to incredible new perspectives and ideas.  Reading connects us to each other and to the world around us, it encourages us to develop our own opinion and views, and it helps us to understand opinions, beliefs, and experiences that may seem contrary to our own.  And (on a less profound note) reading is just about the most enjoyable way I can think of to pass the time.  

(I was hesitant to limit the scope of this blog by referring to “reading” in the title, as if YA Materials consisted solely of textual material.  But, I think I can get away with it by suggesting a larger, more figurative sense of the word – I mean “reading” in the sense of  constructing meaning and developing an understanding of ideas that have been conveyed or communicated through some medium, whether it be a book, a piece of music, a movie, a game, a website, etc.  Fair enough?)


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